Android tablets and phones SAFEnSOUNDmail lets your children access safe, moderated mail on their Android devices

SAFEnSOUNDmail works really well on all kinds of mobile devices. It's easy to setup. For those with Apple (iOS) devices, which includes the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, below are detailed instructions.

Go the list of installed applications and choose Email (not GMail) and enter your child's email address (1) and password (2), then click Next (3)

Next, choose Account type (1)

Next choose "SSL/TLS (Accept all certificates)" from the Security type list (1) on the Incoming server settings page and click Next (2)

Now choose "SSL/TLS (Accept all certificates)" from the security type list on the Outgoing server settings page, then click Next (2)

Finally set the account options as you prefer. These are the recommended settings but you can use whatever you need. Finally click Next (1)