iPods, iPads and iPhones SAFEnSOUNDmail lets your children access safe, moderated mail on their iOS devices

SAFEnSOUNDmail works really well on all kinds of mobile devices. It's easy to setup. For those with Apple (iOS) devices, which includes the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, below are detailed instructions.

We show screen shots from the iPhone/iPod Touch. For the iPad the layouts are slightly different but they contain the same information and the sequence of steps is the same.

Make sure your device is connected to the Internet. Click "Settings"

Scroll down to and tap "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"

Click "Add Account..."

Click "Other"

Click "Add Mail Account"

Fill out the form. Enter the user's name (1) and email address (2). Enter the user's email password (3) and give the account a description (4) - it doesn't matter what this is but it will help you identify this account if you setup more than one. Finally click "Next" (5). It will take a few seconds for the next page to appear.

Make sure IMAP is selected. It is by default. Scroll down.

For Host Name, enter "pop.safensoundmail.com" and for User Name enter the full email address. The password will already be filled in and need not be changed. Then scroll down.

For Host Name, enter "smtp.safensoundmail.com" and for User Name enter the full email address. Again the password does not need to be set here. Click Next.

The device will now attempt to verify the account details. This can take several minutes - at least 2 and as many as 5. Just wait, even if it seems to be doing nothing. If a message appears saying that the certificate cannot be verified just click Continue. After a short while the process will complete. You're now all set to use SAFEnSOUNDmail on your device.

If receiving email works but sending does not, go in to Outgoing Mail Server settings, click the "smtp.safensoundmail.com" primary server and change the port to 10025.