Parental controls Your choice of control for keeping your children safe

SAFEnSOUNDmail offers you the chance to choose levels of parental control that suit your family and choose how you monitor email sent to your children. The elegance of this is that you can start off with a more restrictive set of controls, then adjust them to suit your children as they grow older and more responsible.

Keep in mind that you can change the settings at any time and if you have several child accounts they can each have their own different settings.

The Options

Accept all

In this mode, our least restrictive, all email is delivered directly to your child, once it has passed through our sophisticated email filters. It's a great choice for older children and those that have been using email for longer and have proven themselves responsible enough to moderate their own usage.

Approval required for unapproved senders

This is the mode which will be selected automatically when you first create a new child account, because it's generally the most commonly used one and appropriate for most children. Email from anyone on the "Approved Senders" list is allowed through and is delivered automatically to your child. When something is sent from someone not on that list, a notification is sent to you and any other parental accounts you nominate, provided we've not already identified it as spam using our state of the art spam filtering techniques.

This notification contains a link - when you click the link you're signed in directly to the SAFEnSOUNDmail from where you can read the message and choose whether to accept it. If you accept it it's delivered to your child instantly. If you reject it, it is removed immediately and your child never sees it. If you do nothing it is removed automatically after one month and again, your child never sees it. Additionally, when accepting or rejecting messages you can also easily add the sender to the approved or rejected sender list. This will automatically accept or reject the current email as appropriate, and will also accept or reject all other waiting emails from that sender. Next time a message arrives from that sender it will be dealt with automatically. This is one of the beauties of SAFEnSOUNDmail in contrast to other systems. When a new sender emails your child you get a notification and with literally two mouse clicks, you can add them to the approved list so that you never have to do anything with their emails again - they'll flow straight to your child. Perfect for good friends, family members and so on.

Approval always required

When you select the "Approval always required" mode, you get notified of every message sent to your child and you get to approve them or reject them. Contrast this with the mode above, whereby you can add senders to the approved or rejected sender lists. This means that this mode is a bit more work for you - you will get a notification of every email, but it does mean you can keep very close eye on what flows in to your child's inbox. This might be a good mode for younger children.

Reject unapproved senders instantly

If you select this mode you will never receive notification messages. Instead, email from anyone on your child's approved sender list will be delivered straight away and anything else will be rejected automatically. This is a good mode to choose if you don't want to have to deal with notifications, but it does mean your child needs to ask you every time they want to receive email from someone new. It's safe, but restrictive.

Reject all

Just as the name suggests, this mode automatically rejects every incoming message, regardless of who sent it. It's useful if you temporarily want to suspend the receiving of email for any reason, or if you only want your child to be able to send email and not receive any.

Parental Accounts

You can create multiple parent accounts. These allow you to share the workload of dealing with notification messages with other parents (or any other responsible person you nominate). Each parental account can be given the task of moderating any of your child accounts. Each child account can have as many or as few parental accounts moderating it as you require. The system is completely flexible.

Outgoing Mail

You can optionally ask the system to keep a copy of all outgoing email sent by your child. This can then be viewed at your leisure. You can even allow the other parental moderators to see the outgoing mail if you wish. This works independently of the mode you choose for handling incoming mail. Sent messages are kept for a week and then automatically removed. Alternatively you can remove them yourself at any time. Your child will not be aware that a copy of their mail is being kept for you; it's your choice whether you inform them or not.

Other great features of SAFEnSOUNDmail

SAFEnSOUNDmail is built by parents, for parents. The company behind the product are experts in hosting email solutions, for corporations large and small. Everyone involved is a parent themselves and cares deeply about both the education and the safety of all our children.

The webmail system we offer has two options - a simple version ideal for younger children or those on a slower connection and an advanced one which offers a sophisticated mail program running from within a web browser. You can choose which your child uses and change your choice at any time.

We have gone to great lengths to make sure our system is quick and easy to use, whilst still offering all the features you need. Our spam filtering in the best in the business. And don't forget, we never show advertisements of any kind, ever.

Perhaps most important of all, we offer great technical support. All queries are dealt with promptly by a real person (a parent who understands where you're coming from!). You can fill in an online enquiry form at any time.

Find out more about how it works and why you might need it.

If you're unsure about anything at all, ask us a question.