How safe is SAFEnSOUNDmail? Show me the details!

With a name like SAFEnSOUNDmail you'd expect us to take great care when you pay us for our service. And we do. Here's how:

  • We offer a 30 day free trial. We won't take any money at all from you for 30 days so you can try out our service completely free. If you aren't happy at any point in that time just let us know will and we'll cancel your account. However, we are confident that you are going to be very happy with us so we want to reassure you that when you do choose to buy a year's subscription we will look after you properly.

  • We use PayPal to process your payments.  We don't get your personal details like your address and we don't store your financial details - we leave that to PayPal, because they're the experts.

  • We have a clear and concise privacy policy; a simple statement of what we will and won't do with your information.

  • We have simple terms and conditions so you know exactly where you stand.

  • SAFEnSOUNDmail is a product of DSC - a successful software and IT services company formed in 1990, privately owned in the UK. We're registered in the UK (Company number 02540975) and our registered office is at 72 Northways, College Crescent, London, United Kingdom.

  • We're experts in email. We offer email services to corporations large and small.

  • Our measures to block spam are extremely effective and work in the most efficient way possible. And if by some small chance a spam message does get through, you can report it to us and we can use it to improve our systems still further.

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