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SAFEnSOUNDmail is a sophisticated solution to the problems of children wanting an email address, but parents wanting to protect them from spam, inappropriate adverts and unwanted senders. It works by using superior anti-spam technology to reject the vast majority of spam, then uses approved sender lists and parental controls before email is finally delivered to your child. Uniquely it offers varying settings to allow you to operate the system in a flexible way that is right for you and your child.

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Step by step demonstrations

We know that sometimes it helps to actually see and hear how to do something, so as well as our written guides we have created a few tutorials to show you how to get started using SAFEnSOUNDmail.

Each tutorial is only a few minutes long and guides you through the process using a narrated walk-through. Our collection of tutorials is continually evolving and we want to offer guidance for the topics you need help with, so if you have any suggestions please just let us know, get in touch.

As these video tutorials includes a voiceover please set your volume to an appropriate level, then sit back and enjoy!

Getting Started

  • Checking mail - What happens when your child receives a mail and we notify you

  • Yahoo: Receiving our emails - Using Yahoo to receive our notification messages and avoiding them being delivered to your spam folder.

Next Steps