Secure, reliable email for your children. Stop ALL spam, adverts and messages from anyone YOU don't know. Use flexible parental controls to suit YOUR needs and the needs of your WHOLE family. Try it today - completely FREE of charge.

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Acorn Pack
Acorn Pack offers advice and resources for pregnancy and birth in Hillingdon.

  • One subscription, five kids email accounts
  • Single payment of £36/$54 for a whole year
  • No adverts. No spam. No worries.
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  • Simple. Efficient. Safe. Designed for kids
SAFEnSOUNDmail is an extremely effective email system that offers protection for children from unwanted email. We use sophisticated technology to filter all email and YOU customize the parent controlled filters to suit YOUR child. Why not signup now for a free trial?
SAFEnSOUNDmail gives you five kids email accounts with one subscription. Each child chooses their own address and you decide the level of control appropriate for them. Your children can send and receive email safely. Simple. Watch our tour and see how easy it really is.
SAFEnSOUNDmail uses the most sophisticated filtering available and our uniquely flexible parental controls let you efficiently and quietly prevent online bullying and potential predators. Read more about why SAFEnSOUNDmail is the safe choice for kids email.