Thousands of people help and protect those they care about with a SAFEnSOUNDmail email account. Join them. Or read why.

$5 a month

or £4 a month and €4.50 a month

Our pricing is very straight-forward. All accounts include 5 email accounts, each with its own address and its own settings. Different responsible guardians can be assigned to each account. And each account gets 5Gb of email storage. And remember, there is a 30 day free trial so you can try it out for yourself and see just how well it works.

If you need more than 5 user accounts, please Contact Us. If you've got a dozen kids, we can help you out. And if you need safe and secure moderated email for an entire school we can provide a special quote - we offer really low per-unit pricing for registered educational establishments worldwide.

You can pay with any major credit card.

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