Secure, reliable email for your children.
Stop all spam, adverts and messages from anyone you don't know.
Use flexible parental controls to suit the needs of your whole family.
Try it today - completely free of charge.

Teen and Parent

How does it work?

SAFEnSOUNDmail is an extremely effective email system that offers protection for children from unwanted email. 
We use sophisticated technology to filter all email and you customise the parent controlled filters to suit your child. 

Children together with laptop

Why do I need it?

SAFEnSOUNDmail uses the most sophisticated filtering available and our uniquely flexible parental controls let you efficiently and quietly prevent online bullying and potential predators. 
Read more abou why SAFEnSOUNDmail is the safe choice for kids email.

Mother and Daughter

Phone? Tablet? Yes!

It works with Mac and Windows, and even ChromeBooks. Better still, it works brilliantly with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phones and tablets, even Windows Phone and other tablets too! Try a free trial on your device today.



SAFEnSOUNDmail offers you all the features you need to provide your children with a great, safe email system.

  • 30 day free trial - find out if SAFEnSOUNDmail is for you.

  • 5 child email accounts - each child can have their own account.

  • Multiple parental accounts - share the load of monitoring email with your partner or other family member.

  • Easy to use - simple operation, clear forms, full explanatory text. Our kid's email interface is specially designed for children and introduces them to online communication in a simple, safe way.

  • Fully featured email - lets your children use webmail or traditional email programs like Outlook Express.

  • Customizable controls - start with restrictive settings and become more permissive as your child learns.

  • Highly efficient system - fast access to the commonly used features.

  • Industry leading SPAM detection - avoid having to decline SPAM messages manually. Our safe filtered email reduces the burden on our users.

  • Approved and rejected lists - easy to change at any time.

  • Monitoring of both incoming and outgoing email - keep an eye all email usage.

  • Fabulous technical support - all questions answered promptly.

  • secure system, built by experts - we've been running corporate email systems for years.

  • Clear and concise Terms and Conditions - no small print, just easy to understand terms.

How it works