Safe, secure email

for those that need a little extra care


SAFEnSOUNDmail lets you protect those you care about and give them a totally reliable and easy-to-use email account, with 100% protection.

Zero Spam
Zero Confusion
Zero Scams
Zero Abuse

Whether you're a parent with pre-teen children, a teacher of young students, an adult with an elderly parent or the carer for a vulnerable person, it's peace of mind for you and independence for them: A trouble-free email account, which you can monitor, control and moderate, so it's impossible for them to send or receive anything inappropriate.

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It's completely free for one month, so you can see just how brilliantly it works

"Dad has Alzheimer's, but really enjoys using his computer. This let's me relax, knowing he won't get scammed or confused by marketing messages." [Nick]

"A special email for kids is just what I needed. It keeps my children safe when using mail especially during lockdown when they're doing home schooling and I am working from home. Thank you so much. " [Yasmin]

"Awesome. Due to remote schooling and him getting older the use has gone up in recent months." [Arjan]

"I really appreciate your whole approach to this - customer service of this calibre is rarely experienced, very refreshing, and much appreciated." [Mark]

Safe email for kids

Perfect for children's email, for the family, a class or a whole school

Great email for the elderly

Protect those with dementia


Ok, it's a good email account. What's special about it?

Anyone with an email address knows that in amongst the good emails are plenty of less desireable ones. It's not just SPAM (junk mail), it can be scams, or legitimate but confusing messages from companies, nasty or inappropriate comments, and more. Most people know which is which and just ignore or delete the bad ones. But some people need some extra protection - children, the elderly and the vulernable. SAFEnSOUNDmail provides that extra protection, with your help. You can read more about why you might need an email account like this.

Sounds good. How does it work? Is it reliable?

Modern email systems, like Gmail or Outlook have good SPAM filters which block out unwanted SPAM email. SAFEnSOUNDmail includes a robust SPAM filter too, but we know that your concern goes beyond just SPAM. So once an email arrives, we notify you so that you can take a look at it before it gets delivered. If you're happy with it you can approve it and it gets delivered as normal. If not, you can reject it and the recipient will never see it. You can choose certain senders who are always allowed through (perfect for friends and family you trust) and others who are always rejected. It's simple to use and 100% effective and reliable.

I want this for all my children/both my parents/my whole school. What does it cost?

A standard account gives you up to five email addresses, all of which can be configured with their own settings. This is just $5 a month. For other cases where you need lots of accounts, please get in touch and we'll provide custom pricing.

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  • Fast
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  • Affordable - only $5 a month

SAFEnSOUNDmail was created in 2008 by DSC, a company with more than 25 years experience in building great products.

SAFEnSOUNDmail has been used by thousands of parents, carers and anyone responsible for the wellbeing, happiness and education of others. It allows everyone to benefit from the joy of having an email account - communicating with friends and family, enjoying reading and writing, sending and receiving photographs and more - whilst protecting them from the negative side-effects as well as learning valuable digital skills.

Our system is easy to use. Access email via a simple webmail interface, or using an email program on a computer, tablet or mobile/smart phone. It works brilliantly with Outlook, Mac Mail, Windows Mail and on any device - Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Kindle. It's ideal for pre-teenage children, students with Special Educational Needs, people with cognitive impairments or special mental health needs, older people and those with any form of dementia, Alzheimer's or other condition which might make them just a bit more vulnerable.

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