Why do you need an email account like this?

Everyone deserves email

Just as most adults do, children and other vulnerable people like the elderly or cognitively impaired want email accounts - to keep in touch with friends and family, to sign up for websites, to subscribe to online stores, shopping and services, and more. And learning about the Internet is important for anybody in today's world. By using email these people can engage with others in a meaningful way, learn valuable computer skills, and develop writing and creative thought: essential skills in today's world.

What's the problem with email?

Most email accounts, the free ones from Yahoo, MSN and Google, or ones provided by your Internet Service Provider aren't specifically designed for people with additional requirements. With those accounts, anyone can send any email at all, either maliciously or just not realising that it's not appropriate for the recipient. This means they'll receive spam (unsolicited commercial email) from people selling entirely unsuitable products; even the most open minded would likely object to adverts for impotence cures being directed at a 7 year old. Or how about loan offers or investment advice to someone with dementia? Even if you're careful about to whom they give their email address, they'll still get it, either through spammers using random email addresses or through addresses being passed on by third parties.

The need for protection

Sadly, with the cloak of anonymity of email, people can be decidedly unpleasant or maleficent, perhaps even with criminal intent. The school bully will delight in the havoc that sending nasty messages can provoke. A scammer can seek to sell unsuitable products or steal money from the unwary. On the internet it's very hard to be sure that someone is who they say they are. Most people would rest easier knowing who is contacting those who might not always be able to make the right judgments for themselves about who to trust.

What about free email accounts? Why would I pay for this?

All free email accounts also show a multitude of advertisements; that's how they can operate without charging a fee. Because the accounts aren't specifically designed for more vulnerable, nor are the ads - you can expect to see ones for things like credit cards, mortgages, medical conditions, cosmetic surgery, weight loss and so on. But more worrying than the ads, these email accounts don't allow you to moderate emails. You might log in yourself to "keep an eye on them", assuming the person shares the password with you, but likely you'll only see an email after it has been received by the person you care for, by which time the damage is already done.

The solution

The solution is SAFEnSOUNDmail. It allows you to protect the people you care about from all these problems, whilst providing adaptive controls that you can adjust to suit you and them. This is particularly valuable for children as they grow older and wiser. This means they can keep the same email address as they get older and you can "dial down" the protection as they learn how to take care of themselves online. It's an online system - there's no software to download and install. It provides a simple means for you to administer the email accounts of all your children and a webmail system to allow them to send and receive email. Additionally they can use a program like Mac Mail, Outlook or Windows Mail, on a computer or any mobile device. It's extremely simple to use, it's safe and secure and above all, it "just works". You can read more about how it works.

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